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When Adriana & Carsten asked if I would like to help them with their wedding, I had a hunch this was going to be something quite special. Adriana is Brazilian so for me that meant Party and Carsten lives in the UK and that means pretty darn cool! Then if that wasn’t lighting fires then there wedding reception was going to be held on a Sunday, during the day! This makes Adriana and Carsten’s wedding the most unique in all the weddings I’ve ever done. So with only about 4 hours sleep after DJing from the night before, I set off for Von Laer in Herford, a wonderful Asparagus yard now becoming a respected event location known for their rustic appeal and smoked meat servings.

One of the most memorable parts was Adriana’s vow to Carsten, where she would like to akin their future together like a game of tennis. Yet this game meant you lost a point if your opponent missed the ball. Yes a metaphoric game where the goal is to serve and play the ball to your partner in order for them to return the play. If the ball is missed, then there must have been some miscommunication and so each partner apologises and both work on a better long game.
Such a beautiful way to build a marriage and the ups and downs life sends us. That nobody is solely at fault yet takes responsibility when their partner ‘drops the ball’. With both selflessly striving to help one another without the need of personal gain.

By 4 pm food had been served and eaten but before minds had time to drift we opened the dance floor, got down to some funky beats whilst Carsten’s brother Michael, entertained us with some good old British Rock a short time later. This year will not go down as the sunniest ever but that last Sunday in August the sun shone for us and lifted our spirits high. For those enjoying the live music, to those relaxing out on the terrace or the children playing in the sweetcorn labyrinth planted by Von Laer. There just such a harmonious feeling of joy which nobody wanted to end. By 9 pm we were supposed to say farewell but we had cake to eat and that meant more energy and more dancing till just gone 11 where Adriana & Carsten sped away in there car into the misty night.

I really can’t express how much of a great idea a Sunday wedding is. You see unlike a Friday wedding, all the guests have had an extra day off to recharge those batteries. Whereas on a Friday most guests have had to work all day and somehow scramble to freshened up for the wedding reception in the evening.  Basically you’re doing well if the party goes on beyond 8 hours. Holding a reception on a Sunday means that by about 4pm, we’re already some 6 hours into the wedding and enough alcohol has been flowing to get most people dancing in broad daylight. You probably won’t have to worry too much about the guests going all out as they they will no doubt have work the next day. It means that by 11/12pm your wedding day has lasted some 13 hours. That’s like a wedding reception on a Friday going on till 7 or 8am in the morning, that’s some pretty hardcore partying, even by German standards, where most weddings reach 4am, although most with a squeeze.

My thanks go to Adriana & Carsten for allowing me to be a part of their day and made to feel just as much a friend as someone providing music and all the technical equipment.


About 2 weeks ago I finally decided I would attend my first WeddingExpo. Naturally this one of the best locations in this area to showcase what you do. However preparation time was limited and seeing already the stalls that others had built at various other exhibitions, I was really on the back foot. So really I big ‘tip of the hat’ to other vendors for the amount of work they put into their stands, I now can really appreciate how much hard work it is, definitely when dealing with all those stairs ! However instead  presenting photo albums, flyers, hanging pictures, I just wanted to take action and build a small photo both so future brides could try on their dress and see first hand what it could look like with images beyond the realms of the mobile phone. 

To me, working with Moden-Kleinemas felt like a natural combination that seemed to gel well with with visitors too. I’m very much into working with others in the industry. I get the impression we can achieve so much more when we work together and our clients get more value.

Of course it also leads to the opportunity to do a couple of spontaneous photo shoots and show of the dresses in their ‘natural environment’ and not just hung on a peg. Our model for Sunday was fantastic, which made my role in getting some great shots far easier.

came out of the comfort of the booth and with kind permission from the event organisers at Schloß Bückeburg we are allowed to explore other parts of the castle. Despite the rain and wind it really wasn’t difficult finding places to create some great imagery.

Wedding exhibitions are not just about meeting potential new clients. The interactions we have between other exhibitors is something I really enjoy about the wedding industry. In a few days I’ll make a small gallery for you all to see. 


The Barn 14.10.17 Transformation

If there is one thing I love is being given a complete empty room to create something special.
This is exactly what happened here in this barn. 3 weeks previous when I visited the location it was full of wheat, 3 mounds over 8ft. in height. However 1 week later and it was all gone and we had our empty room to work from.

Barns are not great for modern music. The tall roof means you also lose a fair amount the low frequencies hitting the dance floor but they carry and reflect around the room if the speakers are not set correctly. The goal was to keep the dance floor loud but allow for guests in the back of the room to still hold a conversation. A good way to achieve this is by building a 4 point speaker setup. By suspending the speakers from trussing the sound is projected into the dance floor, creating a so called ‘hot spot’ where the people dance and absorb a lot of the sound means minimal reflection around the room.

Trussing means lighting too and here I could illuminate the towers from both ends, doubling up the amount the various light programs so the patterns and sequences did not get monotonous. However we still needed to accent the barn itself. Dark tones are not easy to obtain with lighting; yes, they’re really good at illuminating but what if you want colour but it needs to bleed out the not so nice aspects of a barn, like the cobwebs, dirty patches, etc. This is why I went for blue as it doesn’t reflect as much and it was going to make great contrasting colour once I have illuminated the support beams.


4x Electro-Voice 12″ ZX1A
4x Electro.Voice 8″ ZX1-90

6x ADJ Innospot Pro (80w LED)
28x ADJ Dotz Par (36w COB-LED)


We’re LIVE!

The waiting is over and we’re up and running. OK I know I say we when really I am just one person. However, there is no way I would have reached this point if it wasn’t for the truly talented people I have come in contact with over the past years.
whether photographers, bands, singers, caterers, hotels and restaurants. Or wedding planners, videographers, event organisers and of coarse the hundreds of guests and clients that have referred my services to others.
My heart felt gratitude goes out to all of you with a huge thank you for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of that special day.

I’ve been blessed with some pretty amazing experiences.

A quarter of million Euro International Wedding in a field with no running water or electricity and a 1600 sq.m. marquee

Providing DJ support for a high profile Wedding in Bern, Switzerland

9 x New Years Party at the Ziegeleimuseum, Lage

5x in row DJ for Nobilia, Gütersloh

High energy filled Russian, Turkish, and Albanian Weddings, with such great vibrant music, bringing 2 families and cultures together as they celebrate the love of 2 wonderful people.

Weddings in Hamburg, Berlin, Aurich, Nettetal, Duisburg, Herten, Glücksburg and many other towns throughout the whole of Germany which required traveling over 400km in the early morning of the next day, to make sure I attended my next event not even 10 hours later.

Photographing Tranmission Festival ‘Seven Sins’ at the O2 Arena in Prague.

2 years in a row organising the IMM and Product presentation for HUNTER International, Bielefeld

As demand for my photography increases it’s becoming more important to incorporate this into the services I provide but just as WooDz:Muzik is responsible for multiple weddings on a single day, organising, DJ’s, singers, bands and caterers. The same will happen with the photography line. This will enable clients to feel safe that they are in good hands that they really can rely on the recommendations that are given and entrust in the value of service I continue to offer.

As I move into 2018 this will mark a decade that I’ve been in the event industry, It’s time now to create a fusion of capturing life’s moments and producing unforgettable experiences.

This is


 – Yours Anthony Woodruffe –


New York

Woodstock vs Vlotho With Friederike & Carsten

An afternoon of classic family fun with a night of high energy dancing.

Under the motto of ‘let your spirit free’ family and friends of this great couple ascended upon this gorgeous setting in the Vlotho hills that looked out over the Teutoburger  and Wesergebirge Forests and in the distance shone the Monument of Kaiser-Wilhelm.

Construction started 2 days previously together with Sandra Mehlich, in near gale force winds and provisions were made for a 10ºC day although we would have so much preferred 30ºC. Yet spirits were never dampened by the weather, in fact it seemed to pull everyone so much closer, just as we pull our coats around us on a windy day. This warm feeling combined with the absolutely fantastic food from Atefeh Catering brought comfort and joy amongst all. Candy, beef burgers, face painting, tepees and a treasure hunt kept the children occupied late into the afternoon and as the sun went down the disco-lights came on. Rock and Soul music filled the air and everyone started to get on their feet. Yet before everyone got tired of non-stop 60’s we quickly moved onto old-skool HipHop, RnB and dancehall. From there on out hearts were pumping, feet were jumping and hips were grinding till 4am the next morning.

I had agreed that I would photograph their day till 9pm and then get the party rocking’. I love both both aspects and it was a real pleasure to be asked to combine both for this day.
I wish to thank Friederike & Carsten for entrusting me to not only make sure that the party was a success but also to document their day with imagery that reflected the true nature and feeling of this party.2



Heike & Jeremy's Wedding Emotional wedding in Potsdam, Germany

I’ve known Jeremy for over 20 years, so it was such an honour when he asked If I could DJ at his wedding.

“Sure where in Gütersloh are you and Heike getting married?”

“We’re not it’s in Potsdam”

Somehow the conversation moved onto photography and seeing as the ceremony was going to take place in the evening, I felt I would have the energy to be able document their wedding.

We agreed that once the music started the cameras would go back in their bags so I could prioritise making sure everyone had a great time dancing.

These are 2 big passions in my life and it’s fantastic that I’m now being asked to do both. It’s not like I’m doing both at once however, yes, I did find some occasions to capture those moments of dancing at it didn’t interfere with the music. Once the energy is flowing, it really can be like lava, meaning it pretty much ignites everything and takes a long time to burn out.
That’s what great memorable nights are supposed to be about! Just a chain effect of emotion and once that happens, capturing those moments becomes a lot easier.

This truly was a day shared by the closest of family and friends and I’m so happy that I was able to share this day with Heike & Jeremy and seeing everyone supporting them and their love for one another. A day I’ll never forget!


Teatime with Sandra

I’ve known Sandra since 2013 as we planned the wedding with Carmen & Pascal at the Museumshof Senne, Bielfeld. Over the years we have worked to together at many events in The View at the Lippischehof, Bad Salzuflen and one truly spectacular fairytale wedding of Lana & Eduard in Schloss Münchhausen. Back in July we finally found a little time between all the rain this summer, to meet and talk about the other events we would be planning together further in the year.
Sandra has built a great network of friends in the event industry who are always pushing themselves with new ideas and challenges. Sandra just makes you feel at ease knowing that everyone in the team just wants what is best for our clients. I cannot wait until we start working on her next projects for 2018.

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