I’ve known Jeremy for over 20 years, so it was such an honour when he asked If I could DJ at his wedding.

“Sure where in G├╝tersloh are you and Heike getting married?”

“We’re not it’s in Potsdam”

Somehow the conversation moved onto photography and seeing as the ceremony was going to take place in the evening, I felt I would have the energy to be able document their wedding.

We agreed that once the music started the cameras would go back in their bags so I could prioritise making sure everyone had a great time dancing.

These are 2 big passions in my life and it’s fantastic that I’m now being asked to do both. It’s not like I’m doing both at once however, yes, I did find some occasions to capture those moments of dancing at it didn’t interfere with the music. Once the energy is flowing, it really can be like lava, meaning it pretty much ignites everything and takes a long time to burn out.
That’s what great memorable nights are supposed to be about! Just a chain effect of emotion and once that happens, capturing those moments becomes a lot easier.

This truly was a day shared by the closest of family and friends and I’m so happy that I was able to share this day with Heike & Jeremy and seeing everyone supporting them and their love for one another. A day I’ll never forget!

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