Friederike & Carsten

An afternoon of classic family fun with a night of high energy dancing.

Under the motto of ‘let your spirit free’ family and friends of this great couple ascended upon this gorgeous setting in the Vlotho hills that looked out over the Teutoburger  and Wesergebirge Forests and in the distance shone the Monument of Kaiser-Wilhelm.

Construction started 2 days previously together with Sandra Mehlich, in near gale force winds and provisions were made for a 10ºC day although we would have so much preferred 30ºC. Yet spirits were never dampened by the weather, in fact it seemed to pull everyone so much closer, just as we pull our coats around us on a windy day. This warm feeling combined with the absolutely fantastic food from Atefeh Catering brought comfort and joy amongst all. Candy, beef burgers, face painting, tepees and a treasure hunt kept the children occupied late into the afternoon and as the sun went down the disco-lights came on. Rock and Soul music filled the air and everyone started to get on their feet. Yet before everyone got tired of non-stop 60’s we quickly moved onto old-skool HipHop, RnB and dancehall. From there on out hearts were pumping, feet were jumping and hips were grinding till 4am the next morning.

I had agreed that I would photograph their day till 9pm and then get the party rocking’. I love both both aspects and it was a real pleasure to be asked to combine both for this day.
I wish to thank Friederike & Carsten for entrusting me to not only make sure that the party was a success but also to document their day with imagery that reflected the true nature and feeling of this party.2


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