If there is one thing I love is being given a complete empty room to create something special.
This is exactly what happened here in this barn. 3 weeks previous when I visited the location it was full of wheat, 3 mounds over 8ft. in height. However 1 week later and it was all gone and we had our empty room to work from.

Barns are not great for modern music. The tall roof means you also lose a fair amount the low frequencies hitting the dance floor but they carry and reflect around the room if the speakers are not set correctly. The goal was to keep the dance floor loud but allow for guests in the back of the room to still hold a conversation. A good way to achieve this is by building a 4 point speaker setup. By suspending the speakers from trussing the sound is projected into the dance floor, creating a so called ‘hot spot’ where the people dance and absorb a lot of the sound means minimal reflection around the room.

Trussing means lighting too and here I could illuminate the towers from both ends, doubling up the amount the various light programs so the patterns and sequences did not get monotonous. However we still needed to accent the barn itself. Dark tones are not easy to obtain with lighting; yes, they’re really good at illuminating but what if you want colour but it needs to bleed out the not so nice aspects of a barn, like the cobwebs, dirty patches, etc. This is why I went for blue as it doesn’t reflect as much and it was going to make great contrasting colour once I have illuminated the support beams.


4x Electro-Voice 12″ ZX1A
4x Electro.Voice 8″ ZX1-90

6x ADJ Innospot Pro (80w LED)
28x ADJ Dotz Par (36w COB-LED)

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