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2 weddings back to back

Alte Wassermühle zu Bentrup

The beauty of being recommended by venues is sooner of later you’re going to end up doing 2 weddings back to back. So what’s so monumental about that you may ask? For one, in some cases I  get to combine concepts, meaning clients get more that what we initially designed and who doesn’t like getting more than what they are paying for?  What I really enjoy though, is that harmonious feeling you get when coming back regularly to a location and we all feel like we’re working as a team once again. I believe this is a great plus point for clients too and I like to think that we all feel that vibe that carries over throughout the night.


I’m no real big fan of tripod light-stands, which is why most of my concepts incorporate trussing. This actually brings 2 positive factors. The first is a stable platform to mount various lighting, in this case Mirrorball effects and scanners. Secondly it enables us to place lighting inside the trussing which creates a soft wash light over the dance floor.

So why is this important? Spot lighting is a concentrated beam, whether that’s a 2º beam very concentrated  or 80º, it’s still a beam of light and it creates hard edged shadows. These can be somewhat diffused but even spotlights under a 40º beam angle will create high concentrated spots of light, which is all great if that’s what you are trying to achieve for uplighting on walls or a dance floor for example. However with the opening dance of a Bride & Groom they are going to cause over exposed spots on the bride’s dress when it comes to photography. This really doesn’t make for good photo’s; so by placing the lights in trussing and diffusing the light through truss-covers, we get soft shadow lighting, This allows the photographer to capture the Bride & Groom’s first dance with some great ambient lighting but without having to worry about those over exposed areas on their clothes or worse faces. 

A nice touch to both of these weddings was we also wanted the lighting to carry over outside too. I often feel that when guests go outside to grab some fresh air some of that party atmosphere gets lost. So I was really pleased that both couple’s thought this would be good too. Looking out over the garden under normal circumstances doesn’t reveal anything at all once the sun goes down behind the trees at this particular location, especially at the end of September everything gets dark pretty quick. However with just a few accents of light we created something quite picturesque even with just these iPhone photos. 


The Alte Wassermühle zu Bentrup gets booked out pretty quickly but it’s a beautiful place to hold a vintage or bohemian wedding. The owner and staff are very friendly and helpful. Catering is booked externally so you’re unsure and would like some recommendations I would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.


My thanks goes out to Katrin & Carsten, Katharina & Mariusz, for allowing me to share this special day with you and your guests. To all at the Alte Wassermühle zum Bentrup for your hospitality. I really can’t wait to be back here again next year.

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