2 years ago I took my camera along to photograph my setup for Sanja & Peter and I just so happened to take a few more of the reception itself. This year I wanted to test the capabilities of my new camera and what better way than to shoot a little bit of video. Since sending this short film to my Bride & Groom I’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback and requests to film other weddings and events, Ester & Jonte have kindly allowed me to post the video online. If you like this small highlight video and would like me to video your wedding or event too then please get in touch. I would be honoured to share your day and tell your story for you to share with friends and family

It must have been around this time last year that I got a call from Ester & Jonte asking if would like to help with their wedding. The beauty of this wedding was that we were going to once again we would use the family barn; the same one where 2 years ago I helped Ester’s brother Peter and his soon to be wife, Sanja and their wedding.

I like to try and do something different each time I setup a location where I’ve been before. Sometimes it’s not possible to change things around but with a barn there are many possibilities open providing the budget exists.

Being quite narrow this barn doesn’t lend itself well to table arrangements and then to try and add some decorative lighting amongst the seating gets in the way. Yes I found that out the last time, so that left 2 alternatives. No ‘uplighting’ or ‘downlighting’. Of course this introduces problems too, like how do you fix lights if you don’t have anything to fix them to?

40m (130ft) of trussing suspended from the ceiling gave us exactly what we needing to bring this concept to life. This also allowed us to individually illuminate each table making sure that the guests could see their meal under natural lighting and not washed out by the reflected ambient lights. It’s amazing how quickly food can become unappetising under a flood of purple or red lighting.

Lighting can make a big impact on a location before the music and party gets going but good audio quality is a very important factor. People need loud music to get moving but not so loud that people fear for their hearing. A bad audio setup can also have people shying from the dance floor as those wrongly set mid-tones hit our ears with a piercing shrill. Our 4 point, flown speaker system meant all of the sound was aimed down onto the dance floor will little leaving very little chance of the sound being reflected around the rest of the barn. This gave a silky smooth and loud listening experience on the dance floor but other could still hold a conversation at the bar nearby.

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