That 1st wedding of the year

 Starting with a bang!

It's the beginning of the year, The New Year celebration hangovers are long forgotten but the memories are still a joyful reminder of what a great night we all had. January 27th was my 1st wedding of the year and I must say there are a lot of advantages of having your wedding in winter.
It gets dark early, meaning you're getting the biggest return on that ambient lighting you selected for the location.
It's not so hot, that all your guests stay outside trying to grab as much fresh air as they possibly can before that big track hits, calling everyone to the dance floor again.
You don't have to worry that some of your guests would rather watch the world cup than celebrate your wedding with you.
All these and much more help your guests focus on having a great time partying.

From a DJ perspective, this is also a big day with more pressure added than usual, as if being responsible for building a memorable experience on one of the most important days of someone's life isn't enough.
The 1st Wedding of the year carries a certain type of superstition about it; sort of with the notion,

"If this one blows the roof of the house, then all the other parties that follow are going to be fantastic too!"

So not only do you want to make a good impression for the Bride and Groom and their guests but you are motivated even further by wanting this wedding to be one of the most energetically filled weddings you've ever had the pleasure of doing in your whole career.

Does that sound like too much pressure?

Yeah, that sounds like too much pressure.

But it's not really as drastic as I make this all sound. Yes, as a DJ you want this wedding to be especially great but you do have all that experience from the hundreds of other weddings you've been booked for, to spontaneously react to the moving and changing of energy in the room. Being able to hone in on what the majority of guests want to hear, leads to that escalation and.... BANG!
Everyone is jumping, including you and the people behind the bar and you're thinking,
"Have we peaked too soon?"
Yet, as the wedding finally finishes at 5 am, you realise, we done it!
I say we because as a DJ you can play the best songs but time and time again, I am reminded that people make parties, not just music.
So yes, we together made the bride and Groom's day unforgettable.