2 years ago I took my camera along to photograph my setup for Sanja & Peter and I just so happened to take a few more of the reception itself. This year I wanted to test the capabilities of my new camera and what better way than to shoot a little bit of video. Since sending this short film to my Bride & Groom I’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback and requests to film other weddings and events, Ester & Jonte have kindly…Continue Reading “Barn Wedding 2017”

  2 weddings back to back Alte Wassermühle zu Bentrup The beauty of being recommended by venues is sooner of later you’re going to end up doing 2 weddings back to back. So what’s so monumental about that you may ask? For one, in some cases I  get to combine concepts, meaning clients get more that what we initially designed and who doesn’t like getting more than what they are paying for?  What I really enjoy though, is that harmonious feeling you get when coming…Continue Reading “Wedding in Bielefeld 09.17”


If there is one thing I love is being given a complete empty room to create something special. This is exactly what happened here in this barn. 3 weeks previous when I visited the location it was full of wheat, 3 mounds over 8ft. in height. However 1 week later and it was all gone and we had our empty room to work from. Barns are not great for modern music. The tall roof means you also lose a fair amount the low frequencies hitting…Continue Reading “The Barn 14.10.17”