If there is one thing I love is being given a complete empty room to create something special. This is exactly what happened here in this barn. 3 weeks previous when I visited the location it was full of wheat, 3 mounds over 8ft. in height. However 1 week later and it was all gone and we had our empty room to work from. Barns are not great for modern music. The tall roof means you also lose a fair amount the low frequencies hitting…Continue Reading “The Barn 14.10.17”

Friederike & Carsten

An afternoon of classic family fun with a night of high energy dancing. Under the motto of ‘let your spirit free’ family and friends of this great couple ascended upon this gorgeous setting in the Vlotho hills that looked out over the Teutoburger  and Wesergebirge Forests and in the distance shone the Monument of Kaiser-Wilhelm. Construction started 2 days previously together with Sandra Mehlich, in near gale force winds and provisions were made for a 10ºC day although we would have so much preferred 30ºC….Continue Reading “Woodstock vs Vlotho”