2 years ago I took my camera along to photograph my setup for Sanja & Peter and I just so happened to take a few more of the reception itself. This year I wanted to test the capabilities of my new camera and what better way than to shoot a little bit of video. Since sending this short film to my Bride & Groom I’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback and requests to film other weddings and events, Ester & Jonte have kindly…Continue Reading “Barn Wedding 2017”

When Adriana & Carsten asked if I would like to help them with their wedding, I had a hunch this was going to be something quite special. Adriana is Brazilian so for me that meant Party and Carsten lives in the UK and that means pretty darn cool! Then if that wasn’t lighting fires then there wedding reception was going to be held on a Sunday, during the day! This makes Adriana and Carsten’s wedding the most unique in all the weddings I’ve ever done. So…Continue Reading “Sunday Wedding 08.17”

About 2 weeks ago I finally decided I would attend my first WeddingExpo. Naturally this one of the best locations in this area to showcase what you do. However preparation time was limited and seeing already the stalls that others had built at various other exhibitions, I was really on the back foot. So really I big ‘tip of the hat’ to other vendors for the amount of work they put into their stands, I now can really appreciate how much hard work it is,…Continue Reading “Hochzeitsmesse 2017”

I’ve known Jeremy for over 20 years, so it was such an honour when he asked If I could DJ at his wedding. “Sure where in G├╝tersloh are you and Heike getting married?” “We’re not it’s in Potsdam” Somehow the conversation moved onto photography and seeing as the ceremony was going to take place in the evening, I felt I would have the energy to be able document their wedding. We agreed that once the music started the cameras would go back in their bags…Continue Reading “Heike & Jeremy”