Music for media

Helping you create a more engaging storyline

One of the greatest passions I’ve had since as long as I can remember is Music. Everything has always been about music, how engaging it can be and the emotions we feel through music.

Writing for film is very much different to composing a musical piece, as it need to follow the story but not necessarily as a piece on its own. It may need to cut and change tempo or rhythm. It needs to rise and fall in the right places and create the right balance between carrying an undertone or playing the main part of what is visually happening on screen. It should be written in a way as to not interfere with the frequencies filled by dialogue.

These are all the problems many filmmakers face when searching for ‘Templates’ on music portals for their film. The musical pieces on these sites are by and large not written for films in mind and certainly not specifically for your film. They are fantastically composed pieces and often can be made to work in part or as an initial conceptual idea. However, they often just don’t fulfil the expectations of the story trying to be told. It is why I have been asked on quite a few occasions now to re-edit, re-arrange and add to an existing licensed track so it will fit to a film. Sometimes a videographer will spend a few days trying to find the right piece of music, when they thought it would just take a couple of hours yet, ends taking up precious time, time we don’t have when meeting deadlines.

I like to work together with videographers in creating the right music for their film. It can be just editing an existing track or creating a new piece of music based on a template which can make it easier for a filmmaker to explain the emotion they are striving for.

So if you would like some help in creating a more engaging film, that tells a better story with a piece of music specifically written for your film, then please feel free to get in touch.